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Upper Cervical Chiropractic
This specific technique analyzes and adjusts the upper cervical vertebrae of the spinal column. When these vertebrae are misaligned, it can interfere with the brainstem and spinal cord. The brainstem is the area where nerve cell centers that control many major body functions including heartbeat, respiration, digestion, heating and cooling mechanism, and more. Over time or through trauma, vertebral misalignments can interfere with the nerve tissues. The Blair technique focuses solely on this area to realign the head, neck, and back to allow the body to mend, repair, and maintain health from within.


If you have a bulging, herniated, degenerative, or ruptured disk, he can help relieve pain through spinal decompression therapy. This treatment involves gently and slowly stretching the spine to decompress the spinal discs. This allows for an influx of healing nutrients as well as other substances into the disc.


For 70 years, Foot Levelers has been making custom orthotics that are clinically proven to help reduce pain and improve whole body wellness by balancing the body from the ground up. Your feet are your foundation. And structural imbalances in your feet can lead to issues throughout the body like plastic deformationoverpronationplantar fasciitislow back painknee painhip painsciatica, or achilles tendinitis.

Your feet don’t even have to be hurting to cause some of these issues. Foot Levelers custom orthoticsShoethotics® and Sandalthotics® can help by properly supporting and positioning the feet.

A foot scan or impression shows how imbalances in the feet lead to problems throughout your body. The orthotics are then made off your foot scan or impression.

Only Foot Levelers custom orthotics support all 3 arches of the foot. Your arches give the foot strength to support the body in a balanced fashion. Balancing your foundation can help relieve pain and avoid future issues. Ask us about getting scanned or download Foot Levelers Patient Catalog for more information.

Good Health Starts with the Feet!

Active Therapeutic Movement

The ATM2 is a rehabilitation therapy that allows us to isolate specific muscle groups. This treatment retrains your central nervous system to create a coordinated neuro-muscular movement. The result is better function, reduced pain, and greatly improved range of motion/movement, reducing the likelihood of further injury.


We utilize the most state-of-the-art 3D imaging for our patients. This allows us to visualize and measure the upper neck misalignment in a way that is completely revolutionary in the Upper Cervical Chiropractic profession. The upper cervical spine is one of the most complex joints in the human body, both biomechanically and neurologically, therefore it takes advanced imaging to analyze this region accurately and help our patients get the best results.

For more information about how Dr. Pokorksi can help you improve your wellness through Upper Cervical Chiropractic treatments, please contact us at 716-635-9742.
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Dr. Pokorski provides gentle, effective care that is tailored to your specific needs.

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